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KEN ANDERSON - Atlanta Site Owner

Ken Anderson has been in law enforcement for over 30 years. Currently at the rank of Sergeant, Ken has extensive experience and service in the Special Operations Motorcycle Unit. In addition, Ken is an Assistant Commander responsible for Motorcycle Training and Escorts. This aforementioned duty included being a part of two Presidential motorcycle escorts AND three motorcycle escorts for the Dalai Lama.

Ken has completed over 120 hours of motorcycle training per year, earning a Management Certification. He has also completed the 80-hour State Police Motorcycle Certification AND the 80-hour Motorcycle Instructor Certification from IPTM (Institute of Police Training and Management). In addition to his extensive training and education, Ken competes on the County Police Motorcycle Competition Team.

“Motor Cops learn valuable skills and techniques through advanced, in-depth training. I want to bring this opportunity to all motorcycle riders through my course, Pro Rider Atlanta.”



Police Motorcycle Skills for Civilian Riders
Learn from the best! Learn true police motorcycle skill sets – more in-depth than an experienced MSF course. What you will learn from the course:

• Staying in control of your motorcycle at all times
• Curve Negotiations and Braking in a curve
• Emergency brake and escape
• Correctly picking up a dropped motorcycle with little or no effort
• Proper skill sets for clutch, throttle, and rear braking

• Slow control riding manipulation
• Rear Crash Avoidance
• Proper techniques in motorcycle riding used daily by police motor officers
• Advanced Police motorcycle skill sets for being and novice riders.


Being a long time motorcycle rider, I was surprised I was able to learn new techniques that allowed me to be more in control of situations created by other drivers and road hazards. I'm impressed with Ken's course ...

Ron Galletti

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